Bilingual Pastoral Formation for Latinos (BPFL)
Bilingue Formación Pastoral para Latinos (BFPL)

Concordia Theological Seminary (CTSFW), Fort Wayne, Indiana, in partnership with Concordia College, New York, and the Atlantic, New Jersey and New England Districts of the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod is offering a program for Latinos that leads to ordination into the Holy Ministry


  • Four year course cycle leading to certification for pastoral ministry in the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod.
  • Four eight-week courses each year (two per semester according to the calendar of Concordia College, New York)
  • Courses are taught by distance learning with cohorts and mentor pastors within the districts.
  • The first course of studies will begin August 24, 2015.

Requirements for entering students (exceptions possible on a case by case basis):

  • High School Diploma (or GED)
  • Latino
  • English Proficiency Exam
  • One year of parish membership
  • $250/course
  • District and local parish pastor recommendation


Please fill out the attached form and send it to the Rev. Don Wiley,


Fall Semester -- 2015
August 24-October 16 -- Course 1 -- Marcos Teológicos

October 19-December 18 -- Course 2 -- NT Introduction

     (One week break at Thanksgiving -- no break between courses)

Spring Semester -- 2016

January 18-March 11 -- Course 3 -- OT Introduction

March 21-May 13 -- Course 4 -- Pastoral Theology, Missional Theology, Theology of Mercy

     (One week break between the courses -- no break over Easter)

The BPFL curriculum is a four year program of four eight-week courses each year. The following is a brief outline of this curriculum:

Year One

  1. Theological Marks of the Church
  2. Introduction to the New Testament
  3. Introduction to the Old Testament
  4. Pastoral Theology, Missional Theology, Theology of Mercy


Year Two

  1. Gospels: Matthew as History
    Pentateuch: The Beginning of Israel’s History
  2. Baptism I: Life in Christ
    Confessional Studies: Augusburg Confession
  3. Preaching I: Biblical Interpretation and Homiletical Structure
    Sermons on Matthew and Genesis
  4. Lord’s Supper I
    Confessional Studies: Apology to the Augsburg Confession


Year Three

  1. Gospels: Luke as the History of Jesus for the Gentiles
    Prophets: Christ Prefigured
  2. Baptism II
    Confessional Studies: Smalkald Articles
  3. Preaching II: Biblical Interpretation and Homiletical Structure
    Sermons on Luke and Isaiah
  4. Lord’s Supper II
    Confessional Studies: Treatise on the Power and Primacy of the Pope


Year Four

  1. The Epistles of Paul: The Story of the First Christian Congregations
    Psalms: The First Songbook of the Church
  2. Baptism III: Ethics
    Confessional Studies: The Small and Large Catechisms
  3. Preaching III: Biblical Interpretation and Homiletical Structure
    Sermons on John and the Psalms
  4. Lord’s Supper III
    Confessional Studies: The Formula of Concord


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