The Good Shepherd Institute

16th Annual Conference
November 1–3, 2015

Art and Music, Gifts You Lend Us

The “noble art of music,” as Luther describes it, is a prominent feature of each Good Shepherd Institute Conference. The 2015 conference adds the visual arts as a literal focal point for our consideration. In addition to the fine music, Christ-centered worship and thoughtful presentations, a nationally-advertised ecclesiastical art exhibition will be on display.

Musical and visual arts used in service of the Gospel are theologically-informed and also inform theologically. Dr. Gene Edward Veith and the Rev. Stephen P. Starke will give plenary addresses regarding the role of art and music as first article gifts and how the principles of design apply to Christian hymnody.

Attendees will hear—and see—firsthand from artists John Hrehov and Kelly Schumacher and composers Kevin Hildebrand and Matthew Machemer, with insight as to how the artist and composer creates his or her work. Practical ideas of how to apply art and music to the local parish, as well as sectionals for organists, choir directors and pastors will underscore the theme of the conference as we continue to be stewards of God’s gifts of art and music, gifts He lends us.

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