President's Welcome

Dear Friend of Concordia Theological Seminary,

In this season of the Church Year, it is most comforting to see the light of Christ's resurrection spread throughout His Church through the Spirit's power in Word and Sacrament. As we live in a culture that is increasingly darkened by the human inclination to turn to self at the expense of others, even one's own children both born and unborn, Christ's Spirit sends us forth to announce a life that is new and fresh daily in the baptismal waters that float over us and now make us God's people.

I invite you to join Concordia Theological Seminary in our efforts to hold up Christ with integrity and clarity, the integrity born of His Spirit and the clarity that comes from His most Holy Word and Sacraments.

May these, His divine gifts of grace, nurture and strengthen each day of your life and give you that voice to proclaim Christ to all the world.

Yours, in Christ,

Lawrence R. Rast, Jr.