Code of Ethics

The Advancement Staff at Concordia Theological Seminary will:

1. Strive to model and promote the concept of Christian stewardship;
2. Comply with all federal, state, municipal and/or provincial laws governing charitable giving;
3. Avoid or otherwise disclose all potential conflicts of interest;
4. Be compensated by fixed salaries or hourly wages, not fees based on a percentage of the gifts received;
5. Maintain and encourage high levels of professional competence and professional skills development;
6. Accurately portray the Seminary’s mission;
7. Seek to serve Christ faithfully and hold His name as supreme;
8. Accurately portray the Seminary’s mission in all of our communications;
9. Deal charitably, fairly, and honestly with other professionals and organizations;
10. Maintain confidentiality in handling donor and prospective donor records;
11. Offer public recognition and appreciation for a gift only after donor permission has been granted;
12. Present accurately our professional qualifications and experiences to prospective donors;
13. Ensure accurate use of designated gifts, optimal management of all solicited funds, and truthful reporting.

Adapted from “Code of Ethical Principals and Practices”, the Association of Lutheran Development Executives, 1994.