Seminary Wives' Association

Dear Sisters in Christ,

Welcome to the Seminary!

For many of you, the "Great Adventure" now begins, for some, the adventure continues. We are all here for the same purpose, the Lord is calling our husbands to become pastors, and each one of us brings an individual talent to share with other student wives. As you begin to adjust to your new life in Ft. Wayne, you will see how the Lord provides ALL THINGS even friendships with other wives, who will be there for you to rejoice in the good times and lift you up in the challenging times.

As a wife of a student, you are automatically a part of the Student Wives Association. It is up to you s to how you are associated. The purpose of SWA is to provide support, encouragement, and fellowship for wives of seminarians. A board made up of five student wives is elected for each academic school year. They are responsible for leading the SWA in organizing and producing activities and events throughout the year which help you grow personally as a future pastor's wife. If you would like to participate on any committees, standing committees and or special events committees, please call any of the Board members or the individuals who are the committee coordinators.

You can keep yourself informed on all the opportunities provided for you by checking out the bulletin boards located outside the food co-op and next to the bookstore. Watch the "Blue News" for announcements for upcoming events.

We are truly grateful that you are here and are a part of the Concordia Theological Seminary family. May the Lord truly bless you today and always.

Student Wives Association

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