Admission Procedure

Prospective M.Div. students of Concordia Theological Seminary should contact the Admission Office at the seminary.

The process for application and admission to Concordia Theological Seminary normally takes from 6-12 months prior to enrollment. An applicant must submit the following documents for the admission process:

  1. An application for admission and a $42.00 check ($35-Application fee / $7- Background Review fee).
  2. A completed, signed and dated Background Check Authorization form.
  3. A letter of recommendation from your pastor addressing your character, talents and fitness for the Ministry.  This letter should be addressed to the Department of Admission and mailed directly to the seminary by your pastor
  4. Four personal letters of recommendation that address your character, scholarly ability and fitness to serve as a pastor.  Each letter should be addressed to the Department of Admission and mailed directly to the seminary by the person recommending, not the applicant
  5. Applicants who are currently attending or who have graduated within the last five years from any of the Concordia institutions should request a letter of recommendation from the president of the particular Concordia College or Concordia University.
  6. Applicants should arrange to have official transcripts sent to the Admission Office by the Registrar of the college(s) they have attended.
  7. Applicants should contact their district president to schedule the district interview. It is the responsibility of the district interview committee to arrange this interview. The results of the interview will be forwarded to the seminary's Admission Office.
  8. Applicants are required to complete the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) General Test and have the scores forwarded to the seminary for consideration as part of their application for admission. Those applicants who already have a master’s, doctorate or equivalent degree are not required to take the GRE. GRE test scores beyond five years will not be accepted. GRE Information Bulletins can be obtained from the Admission Office or at any college Registrar’s Office. The GRE is also available by computer at many locations.


Entry-level Competency

All incoming M.Div. and Alternate Route students are required to show entry-level competency in Old Testament and New Testament. This competency can be shown in one of four ways:
  1. By having taken and passed a corresponding course at any synodical college, synodical university or other approved institution within the last four years.
  2. By taking and passing a competency exam written by the Exegetical Department and administered by the Registrar's Office.  Exams can be requested by completing and returning this form.
  3. By taking and passing the corresponding pre-seminary course on our campus at one of the times when it is regularly offered.
  4. By taking and passing the Old and New Testament courses by correspondence.

All incoming M.Div. students who enter with Greek and/or Hebrew language skills are required to take the applicable competency exam(s) which can be requested via this form. Students who have shown competency in Hebrew will substitute two exegetical elective courses for the required Hebrew I and Hebrew II courses.

Academic Programs