Admission Requirements

Candidates for admission shall be male and shall be:
  1. Graduates of the Synod's colleges, whose names appear on the roster of the Synod as commissioned ministers of the Synod, and who have at least eight (8) years of successful experience as commissioned ministers of the Synod and are communicant members in good standing of a congregation of the Synod, or;
  2. Communicant members in good standing of a synodical congregation who are ordinarily at least 35 years of age at the time of application, ordinarily have accumulated at least ten (10) years of significant experience directly related to Word and Sacrament ministry (elder, lector, evangelism caller, Bible class teacher, etc.) in a Missouri Synod setting, and have ordinarily successfully completed at least sixty (60) semester hours of college-level coursework.
  3. Men licensed by their district presidents to perform functions belonging to the pastoral office.
All candidates will demonstrate spiritual, emotional, aptitudinal, social and cultural qualifications to serve as a pastor as identified in Scripture (I Timothy 3 and Titus 1); if married, have a spouse who is a communicant member in good standing of a synodical congregation and who offers spousal support and understanding of each partner's respective role and involvement in ministry.
Academic Programs