How the Chapel Organ is Used


Well-known Recitalists who have performed at Kramer Chapel

Timothy Albrecht, E. Power Biggs (2x), Jeffrey Blersch, Leon Couch, David Craighead (4x), David and Marian Craighead (1x), Craig Cramer (2x), Hans Davidsson, Carla Edwards, John Eggert, William Eifrig, Faythe Freese, Philip Gehring, Gerre Hancock (2x), Anton Heiller, Richard Heschke (2x), David Higgs, David Hurd, Peter Hurford, Martin Jean (3x), Piet Kee, Marilyn Mason, Paul Manz (2x), Robert Noehren, Charles Ore, Daniel Roth, Michael Schneider, Larry Smith, Steven Wente, Heinz Wunderlich, Christopher Young.

Daily Use

The Kramer Chapel Organ is used daily in the services for the campus. It also serves in the five annual Choral Vespers Services. Since 2002, Kantor Kevin J. Hildebrand has joined Kantor Resch in serving as organist for these and other seminary worship services. There is normally a full organ recital in November at The Good Shepherd Institute Conference, and a half recital in connection with the annual Confessions Symposia in January. The organ is also featured in the annual Organist Workshops each summer. Hundreds of organists from around the country have experienced playing this instrument through these workshops. With daily chapel now accessible via internet broadcast, the Kramer Chapel organ is able to be heard worldwide.