Seminary Guild

The mission of the Concordia Theological Seminary Guild is to serve God by communicating the needs and encouraging the support of the seminary and its students. God's grace enables us to pray, to encourage men and women in our LCMS congregations for the ministry and the deaconess program, and support the seminary by providing for its spiritual and physical needs.

Women have served Christ in many and various ways during His time on earth and continued to serve His body, the Church, to this day. The means have changed over the centuries but the quest to promote Christ's work of redemption has stayed the same. We are aware that many women are extremely involved in their professions and we as Lutherans believe that you always serve God no matter which vocation you have. However, we also know that while the tasks of our life's journey change, it can be a blessing to work together with women who are at a different station of that journey. The Guild strives to be inclusive of ladies of all ages, professions and cultures. In that we reflect our student body, where men and women of all ages, different professional backgrounds and diverse ethnicity study together in order to become servants of the Lord as pastors and deaconesses.

Currently we work together with nearly 70 congregations in the greater Fort Wayne area. Most of these congregations have first and second year seminarians serving as field workers and now some of these congregations may have a deaconess serving as well. If you are a member of a congregation that has a field worker or deaconess and you wish to find out more about CTS, do not hesitate to talk to him or her. We would love to have you as a Guild member! If you are a member or group (Bible Study Group, Circle, LWML, Altar Guild, etc.) of an LCMS congregation further away from the Fort Wayne area you can become an

Organization member.  Annual dues are $10 for individuals and $25 for organizations.