Student Adoption

Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, Indiana, exists to serve the body of Christ, and the students who attend the seminary are here for that same purpose. Upon completion of their studies these church workers will go into the world equipped with God’s Word and the knowledge they have gained to strengthen and serve His body, the church.

However, when these future church workers move their families to begin their seminary studies, they leave behind family and friends, as well as their financial security. Many assume great indebtedness as they pursue the vocation of pastor or deaconess.

By participating in the CTS Student Adoption Program you will receive first-hand awareness of the seminary’s mission and its service to you and the church. Through your interaction with students who are dedicating their life to serving the Lord, you will have the opportunity to share in the joys, and occasional sorrows, of their journey. In this tangible and direct manner you can be an active participant in the formation of pastors and deaconesses. Your support will provide moral and spiritual encouragement through prayer and correspondence.

In addition, your financial assistance will help provide for the physical needs of students and their families, from paying the utility bills to buying shoes for the children. An additional benefit of this program is that students form strong relationships with the individuals and congregations that adopt them as they share the seminary experience.

To become a participant in this rewarding program, please complete this form online. If you have any questions, please contact us by phone at 260-452-2167 or by email at

Concordia Theological Seminary exists to form servants in Jesus Christ who teach the faithful, reach the lost, and care for all.