The Musical Heritage of the Church

The Musical Heritage of the Church, Vols. 1-7 are volumes of collected essays, papers, and presentations delivered at the annual Seminars in Church Music at Valparaiso University, beginning in 1944. These seminars were opportunities for scholarship, research, and discussion among Lutheran church musicians, with the objective of re-establishing the highest of musical standards for Lutheran worship, particularly in the use and practice of the Lutheran chorale.

Although these essays are sixty or more years old, they contain a timeless quality, and in many areas, the ideas espoused in these essays are still being discussed and brought into practice in today’s church.

These resources are of significant historical, theological, and practical value for church musicians, pastors, and researchers.

The Good Shepherd Institute gratefully acknowledges the outstanding contribution of Constance Seddon as editor of The Musical Heritage of the Church resources as presented here, as well as Concordia Historical Institute, St. Louis, Missouri, for its cooperation. For personal use only. Please note copyright information at the end of each essay.

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