Graduate Studies

Through our graduate programs CTS provides multi-level opportunities for the dedicated study of theology. We have been pleased to have students from around the world participate in one or more of our programs. CTS is committed to the confessions of The Lutheran Church — Missouri Synod and necessarily teaches from the Lutheran perspective. However, students from other denominations and traditions are welcome in our classrooms and those who choose to attend CTS soon become active members within our community.

The Master of Arts degree program is designed for those who seek a level of professional competence in theology but who are not preparing for the pastoral office. Successful completion of the program may also provide the necessary credential for those seeking upper level graduate theological education as many programs require an M.A. or an M.Div. for admittance.

Our S.T.M. is academically challenging and provides a venue for its students to delve into theological issues that are of a particular interest. Biblical and research languages are mastered, and producing the thesis is the crowning achievement for most graduates. Regular interaction with our highly regarded faculty members, particularly during the thesis process has proven to be one of the most appreciated aspects of the program.

The recent curriculum revision makes it possible for a full-time student to complete the STM in one calendar year. However, six years are permitted. Intensives are offered each quarter for part-time students

Our Doctor of Ministry degree was developed to assist parish pastors who desire to continue their theological studies without leaving their ministries. Completion of regularly offered intensives culminates in the completion of a project dissertation. The supervisor of the program works to align D.Min. students with faculty advisors most suited to assist them through the project dissertation. Pastors who participate in this program also enjoy the camaraderie of their fellow participants.

Our Ph.D. in Missiology is particularly suitable for those interested in the theology of missions, potential leadership positions, and teaching opportunities. The course work, coupled with the preliminary and comprehensive examinations prepare Ph.D. candidates well for the dissertation phase of the program. Students may concentrate in one of five areas:

  • Missionary Communication: Urban, Suburban and Rural
  • Evangelism and Church Planting and Growth
  • Islam
  • Leadership Formation and Management for Missions
  • Confessional Theology for the Church in Mission


Members of our faculty bring years of parish and missionary experience to their work in addition to their outstanding academic credentials. Our graduates and current students come from many countries and many Christian denominations. The outcome of this combination of faculty and students is a lively, informed conversation about the theory and practice of missions, with Christ at the center.

If you would like to read more about the program, the professors and the students, please click to read the Sola Newsletter. This letter will appear on a quarterly basis.

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