Statement of Educational Effectiveness

Concordia Theological Seminary does extensive assessment of its various academic programs to assure that students are accomplishing the learning outcomes established for these programs. Representative data from our Master of Divinity program, which is our largest academic program, substantiates this seminary's educational effectiveness. 92% of all students who matriculated in the Master of Divinity program from 2002-2006 successfully completed it in 2006-2010 (Source: 2010 Institutional Self-Study 7.10-7.12). 100% of all pastoral candidates certified by the faculty and seeking a call to serve as a pastor were placed in a pastoral position from 2000-2009 (Source: 2010 Institutional Self-Study 7.26). Direct assessment of student learning outcomes for the Master of Divinity program by vicarage supervisors shows that vicars (i.e., students serving one year of their program under a supervising pastor) had a 4.38 average competency on a scale of 5.0, where 5.0 is exceptional (Source: Vicarage Supervisor's Final Report Summary for 2010-11).

Academic Programs