Welcome to the journey of theological education!

Theological education at Concordia Theological Seminary is an integrated life.  A curriculum is more than a collection of courses in academically independent theological disciplines.  The center of all our endeavors is the crucified, risen, ascended Christ who has taken away our sins through his blood and remains really present with us through word and sacrament.  Theological, then, and by extension Concordia Theological Seminary’s Church Worker Formation curriculums, seamlessly joins the highest level of academic preparation with pastoral formation.  The content of theology is more than information.  Theology is life—it is the story of God at work in human history to redeem a lost and sinful people.  Hence, pastoral and deaconess practice is the focus of theological reality—theology forms the basis of what pastors and deaconesses do and what people receive, and then do with what they have received.  Ministry in practice involves a broad familiarity with theology in the fullness of its expression. 

Starting with the Holy Scriptures, which the Lutheran Confessions rightly call the “sole source, rule and norm for all theology and practice,” students in CTS’s Church Worker Formation programs study exegetical theology and become conversant in the richness of the biblical witness.  Historical theology and systematic theology enhance students’ respect for the faithful confession of the truths of Scripture in the church through history, and in the Lutheran Church specifically.  Finally, students cultivate a missional and evangelistic perspective, as well as the pastoral care of souls and the nurture of Christ’s people in the church. 

For those seeking more advanced theological training, programs in the Graduate School integrate biblical-confessional theology with intentionally designed academic programs for those who wish to equip themselves for theological leadership in the church.

Academic Programs