The Liturgical Life at Kramer Chapel

The seminary's liturgical life revolves around the weekly celebration of the Lord's Supper. The Divine Service offers the gifts of Christ's presence in hearing the Gospel read and proclaimed, and in receiving the very body and blood of Christ.

The chapel offers a rhythm of readings and prayer in the Daily Offices. These offices reflect the normal practice of the early church and the consistent practice of the Church through the Reformation era until this very day. These services at Kramer Chapel introduce seminarians to the wealth of liturgical and hymnic resources available in The Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod's worship resource Lutheran Service Book (2006).

The daily services provide opportunities for students to conduct the liturgies and observe their professors acting as models of the Gospel in the preaching and leading of the liturgy. This shapes a liturgical and devotional life that is centered in Holy Scripture, in the historic liturgy as it is reflected in our worship books and in the rich texts of the church's hymnody, both ancient and modern. Psalms also will be prayed daily and the entire Psalter will be used annually several times. Prayer requests are received daily by phone at 260-452-2143 or email.

All of this provides some of the most important learning that future pastors receive while at the seminary.