Deaconess Program Curriculum

Students must successfully complete 72 (50) quarter hours of course work with a cumulative GPA of 2.00 on a 4.0 scale.
Students who have 30 or more quarter hours of credit in religion or theology on the bachelor’s or master’s level, from a college or another seminary, will be required to complete the 50 hour program. All other requirements are the same.

72 Hour Program 50 Hour Program
EXT 110 Gospels I 4 4
EXT 111 Gospels II 4
EXT 210 Pentateuch I 3
EXT 212 Pauline Epistles 4 4
EXT 411 Psalms 3 3
HIT 120 Church History I 3  
HIT 122 Church History III 3  
HIT 125 History of the Office of Deaconess 3 3
SYT 141 Lutheran Confessions I 2 2
SYT 142 Theologia I: Baptism 3 3
SYT 241 Lutheran Confessions II 2 2
SYT 441 Lutheran Confessions III 2 2
SYT 442 Theologia III: Lord’s Supper 3  
PMM 130 Lutheran Worship I 3 3
PMM Counseling Course 3 3
PMM 233 Catechetics 3 3
PMM 260 Deaconess Practice 3 3
PMM 290 Human Care Seminar I 3 3
PMM 291 Human Care Seminar II 3 3
PMM 301 Deaconess Internship 3 3
PMM 302 Deaconess Seminar 0 0
PMM 432 Theological Ethics 3 3
PMMP568 Ministry to the Sick and Dying 3 3
Electives 6 0
Total 72 50

Deaconess Program Course Sheet

Deaconess Field Education

Deaconess students will engage in field education concurrent with seminary studies. During the fall quarter of the first year of studies, each student will be placed in a local congregation under the supervision of the pastor. Depending upon the needs of the congregation, the pastor will assign fieldwork activities with the agreement of the Director.

Typical deaconess fieldwork may include shut-in home visits and/or hospital visits, women’s Bible studies and devotions for women’s group activities, facilitating of youth activities and Bible studies, and children’s Sunday school teaching. Verbatim assignments and discussion will be completed and shared during the Field Education hour.

Deaconess Internship

Following completion of course work, deaconess students are placed in a congregation or institution in a deaconess internship position for a period of one year. This opportunity for application of studies and skills is overseen by the supervising pastor and supported by the Deaconess Internship Coordinator. Evaluations and periodic reviews provide guidance in the professional development and growth process.

Theological and Diaconal Interview

Deaconess students will conclude their studies by engaging in a theological interview with two professors and one deaconess concerning theological and diaconal issues. This interview serves as an evaluation for certification as a deaconess in the LCMS.

Certification and Placement

Deaconess certification is granted by the faculty to students who fulfill program requirements for the Master of Arts and who display dedication and readiness for service as a deaconess. Upon endorsement by the faculty, students are placed into their first call by the Council of Presidents as the Synodical Board of Placement.

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