Walther Library


The staff of Walther Library welcomes you. We are here to help you use its many resources as you learn the skills and knowledge needed to shepherd God's flock and to reach a world ready for harvest.

We on the staff enjoy serving here and strive to connect the needs of people with the resources within and without our walls. We hope you will enjoy using everything we have to offer here at the seminary community's gateway to the accumulated knowledge and wisdom of the Church.

Our seminary collection of more than 150,000 items includes works in all the disciplines of theology, and also other fields of knowledge. The Walther Library homepage on the Internet provides web-based access to our collection as well as the collections of libraries throughout Indiana and the world. Through interlibrary loan you can also borrow materials from libraries nationwide.

You may be surprised at the range of materials we have. In addition to books and journals, we offer videos, audio CDs, audio cassettes, and a collection of CD-ROMs. We also have a section of books, magazines, and videos for the children in our seminary community.
The library is named after C. F. W. Walther, Pastor, Professor, Publisher, President, and Theologian. He is the father of the Missouri Synod's strong commitment to excellence in scholarship. We carry on that tradition in this library.

The Lord bless your studies during your years at our Seminary.
- The Walther Library Staff