Transfer Students

M.Div. transfer students from accredited seminaries are normally required to be in residence at Concordia Theological Seminary for at least two quarters prior to vicarage and for a minimum of two quarters after vicarage regardless of the amount of transfer credit that may be presented upon admission to the seminary.

Students interested in transferring to Concordia Theological Seminary are encouraged to secure a transcript evaluation by contacting the Registrar’s Office. Transfer credit is not allowed for any grade below a “C”. Undergraduate level courses are not transferable, nor are credits that have already been used for a degree at another school. Transfer credit is determined by the Registrar in consultation with the Academic Dean.

Credits may be obtained by correspondence from or in residence at a regionally accredited seminary and used to transfer to the M.Div. degree program. All courses taken at another seminary after enrollment at Concordia Theological Seminary must receive approval by the Registrar prior to the beginning of such course or courses.

Students are responsible for having a transcript of any credit they desire transferred to their degree program sent to the Registrar’s Office.

Students on academic probation or with outstanding financial obligations at another institution are not admitted as transfer students.

Academic Programs