Residence and Curriculum Requirements

Course and residence requirements are established by the synod and approved by the faculty and include:


  1. For commissioned ministers, not less than six full-time quarters in residence.
  2. For laity, not less than seven full-time quarters in residence.

Course and Professional Work

For commissioned ministers and laity, a program load of 90 quarter hours of course work, six quarters of field work, and one year of vicarage is required.


Each student is required to take four modules while on campus. These modules cover specific, practical areas of pastoral ministry in four categories: specialized ministries; specialized pastoral care; evangelism and outreach; other topics. Aminimum of one module from each category is required. (No more than two modules may be from any one category.) Modules will ordinarily involve six contact hours, as scheduled by the instructor. No credit will be given for modules, nor will any tuition or fees be charged. Student attendance is required, but there are no reading assignments. Pass/fail grades only will be given.

Advisor on Personal Growth

The Personal Growth Toward Ministry program provides M.Div. and Alternate Route (A.R.) students with the opportunity to assess their strengths and potential growing areas. Students consult with the Advisor on Personal Growth regarding strategies and resources to assist them in refining their pastoral skills and remediate potential obstacles to effective ministry. Each student develops and implements a Personal Growth Program designed to meet his personal and professional needs. Resources available for the Personal Growth Program include meetings with the Advisor on Personal Growth, assessment instruments, individual guidance and Personal Growth groups.

Alternate Route Course Sheet

Academic Programs