Walther Library


Student Identification Card

When you arrive on campus as a new student, the Admissions department will give you an identification number. Once this number is assigned, you can visit the library to have your student id created. The library staff uses your student id check out materials to you.

Library Catalog

The catalog of materials owned by Walther Library is accessible from any computer with a web browser by visiting the Walther Library Catalog link.

Online Circulation System

Walther Library uses a fully automated circulation system. This system reduces the amount of time required to check out materials and return items back to the shelves. In addition, the online catalog provides information regarding an item's current status, allowing patrons to easily see what items are and are not available for use.

Circulation Policies

  • Loan Periods:The loan period for most items is dependent on the type of patron borrowing the item. Certain types of items, including recorded media and circulating periodicals, can be checked out for 30 days.  A due date card is provided for each item at the time of checkout.


     Community Borrower and CTS Staff  30 Days
     CTS Ordained Staff  45 Days
     LCMS Professional Church Workers  45 Days
     M.Div, M.A., Deaconess, and Alternate Route Students  60 Days
     SMPP, DELTO, and M.A. in Deaconess Studies Students  60 Days
     S.T.M. and Doctoral Students  120 Days
     CTS Faculty  One Year
  • Renewals: If you need an item for an extended amount of time, you may request a renewal.  All renewal requests must be received prior to the stated due date.  Requests may be submitted in person, by phone, or with an email. In general, most of our materials can be renewed three times. 
  • Fines: All items not returned or renewed by the due date are assessed a fine of $0.25 per item per day. Lost or damaged items will be assessed a fine for the cost of replacement along with a service charge.  Unpaid fines in excess of $30.00 may lead to suspended borrowing privileges.
  • Recalls from You: The resources in Walther Library are shared by everyone in the community.  You may be asked to return an item before its due date if another patron has an immediate need for that item.  If you fail to return a recalled item by the new due date noted on the recall slip, you will be charged $10.00 for the first day past due and $1.00 per day thereafter.
  • Recalls and Holds by You: If you wish to borrow an item that is checked out, you may ask that we hold it for your use upon its return. This works well for items that are not needed for immediate use. Items needed more quickly may be recalled immediately from another patron or may be requested from another holding library. You will receive a notice from the library when the requested item is available for your use.


Access to Materials Beyond Walther Library

Walther Library extends the limits of its collections by offering students direct access to the collections of other area libraries and indirect access to materials beyond the area through a full range of interlibrary loan services.

  • Area Libraries: Students have direct access to the collections of Allen County Public Library. In addition, we have borrowing agreements with other area academic libraries. Ask a library staff member for further information on these borrowing privileges.
  • Interlibrary Loan Services: Items not owned by Walther Library may be requested at no cost by students for use. Most books or video materials can be requested directly from WorldCat. Patrons may also request items by using the forms found at the circulation counter. All requests for articles not held by Walther Library must be made using the appropriate request form. Please notify a library worker if you have any questions regarding interlibrary loans.