SWA Officers 2014-2015

President Keely Hildebrand keelymhildebrand@gmail.com
Vice President Nichole Knutson tennisqn2000@yahoo.com
Recording Sec Kim Lessman kimberleal@me.com
Corresponding Sec Kristen Suggitt suggitt7506@comcast.ent
Treasurer Brandi Beukema brandi@cauinc.com


Committee Heads for 2014-2015

Big Sis Co-ordinator Laura Heide heideleh@gmail.com
SWAN Editor    


Stole Sisters:


Special Events:

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This closed group page is a place for Seminary Wives (specifically Concordia Theological Seminary Fort Wayne Seminary Wives) to gather and chat and meet each other. We may discuss and post local events, helpful tips for new wives, encouragement for vicar wives and love and prayer for wives who are no longer with us at seminary.

Student Wives Mission Statement

The purpose of the Student Wives Association (SWA) is to provide an opportunity for the wives and fiancées of seminary students to gather together as a means of fellowship, encouragement and support. We aim to provide information programs that will be beneficial to the women in their endeavor to learn more about the pastoral ministry their husbands are training for.  All wives and fiancées are of seminary students of CTS are members of the SWA.

Officers and Executive Board

Officers of the Student Wives Association shall be a President, Vice President, Corresponding Secretary, Recording Secretary and Treasurer.

The officers shall be elected by secret ballot in February and installed in April of each year.  They are to serve for one year.  These officers are to be nominated from the Seminary 1 class (which shall include colloquy and alternate route), Seminary II class (in such cases where the husband is taking delayed vicarage), and Seminary IV class (if this is done, an Interim officer must be installed until the wife returns from the vicarage year). Officers may not succeed themselves.  In the event a member of the executive board is not able to complete the term she is elected to, the executive board has the authority to appoint an appropriate person to carry out the duties of that officer to the end of the year.


Standing Committees

Big Sis/Little Sis: This committee is to help new student wives while they transition to the seminary and local community.

Hospitality: This committee helps seminary families after the birth of a baby, illness/injury or death in the family.

Newsletter:  This committee publishes the SWAN newsletter

Retreat Committee: This committee organizes and plans the annual SWA retreat.

Special Events:  This committee plans social events to encourage relationships among the seminary wives.

Student Services