Walther Library

Print Services


Walther Library offers the following print services to our patrons: photocopies, microfilm and microfiche images, document printing and faxing services.  All services cost $0.10 per page (please note: there is an additional fee for long distance faxing).  Charges are expected to be paid the same day and must be paid in cash or with a Print Service Card.  

Print Service Cards can be purchased from the Cashier in the Administration Building for $7.00 per card.  Each card is worth 100 copies, thus making all copies $0.07 per copy instead of $0.10 per copy.  Print Service Cards should be presented at the circulation counter to pay for photocopies, printouts or faxes.  


Any copying done at Walther Library is subject to the provisions of the United States Copyright Laws. If you have questions about the copyright law, please consult with the Electronic Resources Librarian.

Copy Machines

Walther Library has two copy machines for patron use.  Both machines are located south of the circulation desk.  There is a general copy machine for use in photocopying loose papers.  In addition, the library has a copier designed for face-up copying from books and journals.  Please seek assistance from the library staff if you have questions regarding the use of the copy machines.  *Other Copy Machines and printers are available in other locations as well.  Please click here for more information.


Two readers are available for viewing microfilm and microfiche. Images may be printed from the machines.  Each printed page costs $0.10.  Please seek assistance from library staff if you have any questions regarding the use of these machines.  

Laser Printers

A single laser printer serves the entire library. Be certain to log into the network with your user I.D. and password if you plan to print. Copies may be picked up at the circulation counter.


Please pick up a fax cover sheet at the circulation counter and pay in advance. The fax machine is located in the Administrative Assistant's office on the mezzanine level of the library. Fax requests received after business hours are held until the next business day.  Long distance faxes are assessed a fee of $0.20 per page.